Are YOU an Inconsiderate Golfer?

How often do you putt on the perfect line when your ball decides to dive away from the hole for no good reason? There are imperfections on every green caused by inconsiderate golfers that spoil more putts than you will ever know. If every person walking on a green took a little more care, we […]

2018 Most Wanted Women’s Driver

For the first time ever at MyGolfSpy, we tested women’s drivers.
The scale is a bit smaller; fewer drivers and fewer testers. Conceived as a learning exercise or perhaps an experiment, it proved to be more fun for us than any test in recent memory. It's fair to say that this is a little bit different kind of Most Wanted Test.
Whether or not we expand into other categories (irons), grow the number of products, and increase the number of testers depends almost entirely on your interest level. We want you to want more women’s testing.
3 Clubs, 5 Testers We’re not going to present this as a survey of the entire women’s market. It’s not. We started small because there was a good bit we needed to understand before attempting a larger test of women’s gear.
Would the golf manufacturers be interested in having us test women's clubs? How many shots could mostly senior-aged women hit before fatigue sets in? How would our readers respond to a women’s driver test? That last one remain..

eGull Pay: Growing Golf One Hole at a Time

As sure as the sun comes up in the morning and day turns into night, 18 holes at a time is one of life's constants. Unless you’re one of those new age-types okay with only 9, that is.
Why 18? The urban myth says the Scots played 18 because there were 18 shots in a bottle of Scotch. In reality, back in the late 1700's St. Andrews morphed from a 22 hole course into an 18 hole course, even though it didn't have 18 distinct holes. Evolution being the unstoppable beast that it is, the R&A would eventually deem a match 18 holes, no matter how many holes a course actually had.
Today we buy golf our golf 9 or 18 holes at a time. The USGA, the R&A, the PGA and the Choir Invisible can debate ways to grow the game, but the 9 or 18 hole purchase remains sacrosanct and largely immutable.
But what if you could actually buy golf by the hole? What if actually you could play, and pay for, only 5 or 6 holes before or after work, or in between sales calls, or when the kids are in presch..

Keep Your Game and Your Gear in Shape This Off-Season – Here’s How

For those of us living in climates that aren't exactly golf-friendly year round, we're deep into winter. Two months of freezing temperatures and increasing accumulations of powder have long since ended the golf season. And the worse news; if that rodent in Pennsylvania is to be trusted, we're, at best, only halfway through. It sucks, but the way I see, we've had a nice little break, and it's time to get moving, get motivated, and get ready for the upcoming season.
The offseason is what you make of it. Even if you can't play golf, there’s plenty you can do to get your gear and your game in shape for spring. Hitting balls indoors is an easy way to stay loose during the offseason, and lessons probably wouldn’t hurt any of us either, but we wanted to offer some suggestions for other ways to keep your equipment and your game in shape over these long and miserable winter months.
Fitness & Flexibility Training
For those of us who make our living chained to a ..

Got Questions? Ask MyGolfSpy

So much is happening at MyGolfSpy right now. Since the start of the year, we’ve hired two new team members. Harry Nodwell (is that not the most British name ever?) will help Sam Robinson with Most Wanted Testing and will also oversee the creation our annual footwear and accessories Buyer’s Guides. We’ve also hired Matt Duerr to lead our video and podcasting efforts, which really means helping us start the next chapter of MyGolfSpy.
Sufficed to say, it’s been a busy start to the year for MyGolfSpy and the industry.
Here’s the rest of the rundown:
We’re a good bit of the way into our Most Wanted Driver (and Putter) test, and the rest of the bag will follow as quickly as possible. A biblically-sized flood of new gear has hit the market The PGA Show happened Callaway has declared a Ball War with Titleist And that’s probably just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Ask MyGolfSpy With so much happening with MyGolfSpy and the equipment industry right now, we thought you might have questio..

Searching for THE Miracle to Improve Your Game?

If you play golf, you already have the bug to improve your game. That’s why we get so frustrated at times when errant shots happen. We are always searching for ways to improve our power and consistency. One thing that I have learned is that you will never improve your game if you don’t experiment […]

First Look: Foresight Essential Putting Analysis for GCQuad Launch Monitors

Next Monday (2/12/18), Foresight Sports will officially announce a compelling add-on for its GCQuad Launch Monitor Platform. The new release is the first of what will likely prove to be several technology enhancements that Foresight will roll out in 2018.
Those who attended the PGA Show got an early look at what Foresight is calling Essential Putting Analysis. The new software is designed to offer Unprecedented Insight Into Your Putting Performance. That last bit is Foresight’s language, but it’s absolutely true that users of what I suppose we should describe as conventional launch monitors have never had this level of detailed insight into putter performance before.

In simple terms, Essential Putting transforms the GCQuad from a launch monitor into a putting launch monitor. That may not sound like much, but it's a really cool little detail that has significant implications for anyone looking to better understand and improve putter performance.
With just a couple of clicks in ..

2018 PGA Show Recap – Cause for optimism at last?

It took a bit longer this year to put virtual pen to paper. We’re a solid week plus removed from the end of the 2018 PGA Show, and while it’s a few days later than usual, tradition dictates that I take some time to share my thoughts on the good, bad, and stupid of this year’s show.
The Big Picture As far as traffic, busiest show in last few years. Demo day was strong, and show floor experienced volume well into Thursday afternoon. On Friday the place was pretty much a ghost town, and by noon many vendors had begun packing up their booths. That’s not particularly surprising. Despite what the schedule says, indoors at the PGA Show is a two-day event.
Increased traffic is the good news. The bad news is that show is losing its middle class. What I mean by that is that the big OEMs hold down their booths, and you’ve still got a significant number of smaller companies/brands/people trying to get a foot in door (often with less than compelling product), but the industry’s established middle..

First Look: Mizuno GT 180 Driver and Fairway Woods

It’s a plot straight out of any late-90’s high school angst comedy that probably starred Lindsey Lohan: two popular/mean-girl rivals are vying to be Prom Queen, while nobody pays any attention to the quiet science nerd getting an under-the-radar makeover. Come prom time the two popular girls knock each other out while the made-over nerd becomes Belle of the Ball.
I admit it's a stretch, but the analogy can work for today’s discussion if you think of Callaway’s Rogue and TaylorMade’s M3/M4 duo as the rival Mean Girls, and think of Mizuno’s new driver lineup as the science nerd.
Sorry – I raised teenaged daughters. Sometimes I have flashbacks.
Mizuno often gets overlooked when it comes to metal woods in general and the driver in particular. The JPX-900 was a middle-of-the-pack performer in MyGolfspy's 2017 Most Wanted Driver testing, but it was only 1.7 yards shorter than the champ, Srixon’s Z 565. Mizuno is resetting its metal woods lineup for 2018, a process that started l..

Improve Your Flexibility and Your Game Will Too !

How often do you start a round of golf and wonder WHO will be showing up that day? Did you ever consider that your tight muscles may be throwing your game off? If your body is tight and you make swing mistakes on your first hole, it will start to tighten up your mental outlook […]