Design and Win a Wedge from Fourteen Golf’s Wedge Wizard, Jacob Sanborn

Several weeks back, we introduced you to Jacob Sanborn, Fourteen Golf's Wedge Wizard.
Jacob is the up and coming craftsman behind the unique custom designs featured in that story. Now, we're giving you the chance to work with Jacob to bring your custom design idea to life.
What would be the theme for your custom wedge? What would it look like? Tell us below, and Jacob will choose his favorite design idea and make it a reality.
He'll build one wedge for you and one for a second giveaway.

To Enter Entering is easy. Here's what you need to do:
Leave a comment below detailing your design idea. That's it. In 2 weeks (3/12/18), we'll announce the winner.
Rules The contest is open to MyGolfSpy readers worldwide.
As always, Void Where Prohibited.
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#AskMyGolfSpy Episode 1

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to send in whatever questions you might have for MyGolfSpy. In the first video in our new #AskMyGolfSpy series, we answered some of them.
We're just getting started, so keep the questions coming!

The Humble Architect: How Toru Kamatari helped build some of the putter industry’s most successful brands

“When he started making hand-made putters, I suggested he stamp the “S” slightly left-tilted and the “C” tilted right and so on – and I called it Dancing Scotty Cameron.” – Toru Kamatari I’m guessing most of you just mouthed, “Who?” while wondering if you missed something. You didn't.
Toru Kamatari is one of the most influential architects of the modern golf industry, even if his name rarely percolates to the surface of conversations centered around his more famous contemporaries.
Scotty Cameron, Bob Bettinardi, Kia Ma, Ken Giannini, Byron Morgan, Dick De La Cruz, Teddy McCabe, TP Mills, and most recently, Sean Toulon; an impressive list connected by a nearly invisible thread. Call it 6 degrees of Toru Kamatari.

Toru spent the first eight-teen years of his life in Japan where he came to appreciate American culture as illustrated by Steven Spielberg films (He lists Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. as favorites). Though his parents made sure he was in bed by 8 PM, Tor..

First Look: Cobra Forged TEC Black Irons

Here’s question: Is it better for an OEM to release all of its new lineup all at once on a single day, or is it better to space them out over, say, a 3 to 4 month period?
The reason I ask is we’ve seen OEMs announce their GI/SGI irons in, say, November – maybe at the same time as drivers-fairways-hybrids, maybe not – and then a month later announce a max game-improvement offering, and then two months later announce better player offerings. No, none of these is replacing what was just announced, but it’s a way OEMs have of spreading out their announcements to, among others things, stay in the headlines.
For instance, last August Cobra unveiled the first of its 2018 lineup: the Cobra MAX metal woods and irons. Then in November, we got the new F8 Irons and metalwoods. While there’s still more to come, today Cobra is announcing an update to the – please read carefully – two-and-a-half-year old King Forged TEC irons.
Players-Distance Irons The question of staying in the news vs. potentia..

First Look: Cobra’s King Utility Black and King Utility Black ONE

In April 2016 Cobra officially signed reigning NCAA and U.S. Amateur champion Bryson DeChambeau to a long-term sponsorship deal. Amongst other things, this move necessitated that Cobra develop a consumer-ready set of single-length (Cobra uses the term ONE Length) irons to approximate those in DeChambeau's bag.
Without the typical window for R&D, Cobra focused its efforts on two models, KING F7 ONE and KING FORGED ONE. That was 2017. This is 2018 and as Cobra is still the only major OEM to delve into the “One Length” concept of golf equipment with any level of fidelity. With that, Cobra is making it clear it intends to continue introducing new clubs throughout the line up with ONE length variants.

Enter KING Utility Black and King Utility Black ONE. Both clubs are virtually identical (same tech platform and general aesthetic) with the clear distinction being that the Black ONE is the same length as a stock 7-iron. The chief engineering challenge with single-length long irons is ..

First Look Callaway X-Series and Tommy Armour TA1 Drivers

Fresh to the USGA’s Conforming Clubs List is a new Callaway X Series Driver.
With no adjustable hosel, no movable weights, no Jailbreak technology, and a generally understated design, every indication is that X Series, like the X Series 416, is what we’d call a Big Box Special.
Both TaylorMade and Callaway have, from time to time, created clubs specifically for their big box retail partners. Often these clubs are powered by several-years-old technology hidden under small cosmetic changes. These clubs speak to the reality that as much as OEMs may want golfers to get fit, not everyone will. There is a segment of golfers whose primary interests lie in playing name brand gear without paying a lofty price for it.
Just don’t expect to see any commercials or other advertisements for it.
As rapid discount cycles have all but disappeared, these big box specials provide manufacturers with a means to satisfy the demands of a cost-driven market without compromising the integrity of their mainl..

2018 Most Wanted Women’s Driver

For the first time ever at MyGolfSpy, we tested women’s drivers.
The scale is a bit smaller; fewer drivers and fewer testers. Conceived as a learning exercise or perhaps an experiment, it proved to be more fun for us than any test in recent memory. It's fair to say that this is a little bit different kind of Most Wanted Test.
Whether or not we expand into other categories (irons), grow the number of products, and increase the number of testers depends almost entirely on your interest level. We want you to want more women’s testing.
3 Clubs, 5 Testers We’re not going to present this as a survey of the entire women’s market. It’s not. We started small because there was a good bit we needed to understand before attempting a larger test of women’s gear.
Would the golf manufacturers be interested in having us test women's clubs? How many shots could mostly senior-aged women hit before fatigue sets in? How would our readers respond to a women’s driver test? That last one remain..

eGull Pay: Growing Golf One Hole at a Time

As sure as the sun comes up in the morning and day turns into night, 18 holes at a time is one of life's constants. Unless you’re one of those new age-types okay with only 9, that is.
Why 18? The urban myth says the Scots played 18 because there were 18 shots in a bottle of Scotch. In reality, back in the late 1700's St. Andrews morphed from a 22 hole course into an 18 hole course, even though it didn't have 18 distinct holes. Evolution being the unstoppable beast that it is, the R&A would eventually deem a match 18 holes, no matter how many holes a course actually had.
Today we buy golf our golf 9 or 18 holes at a time. The USGA, the R&A, the PGA and the Choir Invisible can debate ways to grow the game, but the 9 or 18 hole purchase remains sacrosanct and largely immutable.
But what if you could actually buy golf by the hole? What if actually you could play, and pay for, only 5 or 6 holes before or after work, or in between sales calls, or when the kids are in presch..

Keep Your Game and Your Gear in Shape This Off-Season – Here’s How

For those of us living in climates that aren't exactly golf-friendly year round, we're deep into winter. Two months of freezing temperatures and increasing accumulations of powder have long since ended the golf season. And the worse news; if that rodent in Pennsylvania is to be trusted, we're, at best, only halfway through. It sucks, but the way I see, we've had a nice little break, and it's time to get moving, get motivated, and get ready for the upcoming season.
The offseason is what you make of it. Even if you can't play golf, there’s plenty you can do to get your gear and your game in shape for spring. Hitting balls indoors is an easy way to stay loose during the offseason, and lessons probably wouldn’t hurt any of us either, but we wanted to offer some suggestions for other ways to keep your equipment and your game in shape over these long and miserable winter months.
Fitness & Flexibility Training
For those of us who make our living chained to a ..

Got Questions? Ask MyGolfSpy

So much is happening at MyGolfSpy right now. Since the start of the year, we’ve hired two new team members. Harry Nodwell (is that not the most British name ever?) will help Sam Robinson with Most Wanted Testing and will also oversee the creation our annual footwear and accessories Buyer’s Guides. We’ve also hired Matt Duerr to lead our video and podcasting efforts, which really means helping us start the next chapter of MyGolfSpy.
Sufficed to say, it’s been a busy start to the year for MyGolfSpy and the industry.
Here’s the rest of the rundown:
We’re a good bit of the way into our Most Wanted Driver (and Putter) test, and the rest of the bag will follow as quickly as possible. A biblically-sized flood of new gear has hit the market The PGA Show happened Callaway has declared a Ball War with Titleist And that’s probably just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Ask MyGolfSpy With so much happening with MyGolfSpy and the equipment industry right now, we thought you might have questio..