The Best Golf Lesson Ever

This article is an honest and frank look at golf coaching. While golf coaches may find this more relevant, I feel that amateur golfers will gain a lot from it – even if they don’t partake in lessons.
I’m also going to share some mistakes I made as a coach in the past – so some of this wont be easy. I hope you will appreciate the honesty and openness.
Track It In my 2015 – 2016 teaching season, I managed to track just over 200 lesson results (using Trackman data) to gain an insight into how much improvement the students were getting.
My criteria for improvement were;
Longer distances (while maintaining dispersion) Tighter dispersion (while maintaining distance) Longer distance and tighter dispersion combined This “self-monitoring” was a habit I got into during my time at my first golf academy (The Cranfield academy).
My results showed that 94% of students left the lesson tee with improvements, compared to their pre-test.

Example of a before (white) and after (yellow) shot dispers..

Is Your Golf Swing Too Steep?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a golfer say “I’m too steep” on my lesson tee…
But are you? Are you really?
Read on to find out.
What Is Steep? When we talk about being steep, people are often referring to the shaft pitch in the downswing.
Let’s explore this.
For years, there has been an crazy obsession over swing plane.
I remember when I first started teaching, instructors were drawing lines on swing videos and analyzing the club’s position relative to it with an obsessive nature – as if it held some kind of magic.

Ah, the good old days of video analysis
Now, I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater – analyzing the club’s motion in 2D can still hold value for the trained eye.

You are not going to see this guy on tour anytime soon with that club movement
But the obsessing over minutiae, and the idea that “all you have to do is get the club on plane and the rest will sort itself out” is just bunk.
Pitch A Myth One myth in particular is quite prevalent…

Could This Golf Study Change Your Game Forever?

A study into the performance of elite golfers was recently completed (27th November 2017). The findings are incredible, and I think that players and coaches around the world can learn a lot from the results.
In this article, I will
Explore/summarize the study results Share some real-world examples of the study in action Offer my opinion on how to use the results to improve your own performance/player’s performance At the end of the post, I will link to the website where you can find out more information and see the stats for yourself.
The Study I studied my BA honors degree in Birmingham University (UK). Interestingly, the lead author of this study was the very man who marked my dissertation (Dr Matt Bridge) – so it makes it interesting that the roles are reversed on this one.
While I don’t have the same academic background, I like to think I can offer some unique insights based on my 13K+ hours of teaching the sport and implementing interventions relating to the study.
The study ..