A Stitch in Time Saves 9 OR Maybe 18

You may have heard the old proverb that “a Stitch in Time, Saves 9”. It really is the reminder not to procrastinate because the longer you wait, the worse it gets. I thought of this as I was watching the Winter Olympics. Every sport is a game of inches. It’s the difference between winning and […]

Are YOU an Inconsiderate Golfer?

How often do you putt on the perfect line when your ball decides to dive away from the hole for no good reason? There are imperfections on every green caused by inconsiderate golfers that spoil more putts than you will ever know. If every person walking on a green took a little more care, we […]

Searching for THE Miracle to Improve Your Game?

If you play golf, you already have the bug to improve your game. That’s why we get so frustrated at times when errant shots happen. We are always searching for ways to improve our power and consistency. One thing that I have learned is that you will never improve your game if you don’t experiment […]

Improve Your Flexibility and Your Game Will Too !

How often do you start a round of golf and wonder WHO will be showing up that day? Did you ever consider that your tight muscles may be throwing your game off? If your body is tight and you make swing mistakes on your first hole, it will start to tighten up your mental outlook […]

Sink More Putts by Knowing your Break

Putting is more of an Art Form than Science. Every putt changes with the slope of the green, the height and moisture in the grass and the distance to the hole. The Art Form can only be learned by feel and practice for each putt. Fortunately, determining the break can actually be determined by Science. […]

Get Lazy At the Top for Lag and Power

Supercharge your swing with lag. Some golf blogs suggest the thought of “shallowing out the club in the downswing” to create lag. Others refer to the generation of lag as loose or lazy wrists during the transition to create a 90 degree club shaft angle from your straight leading arm at the top of your […]

Want to Gain an Easy 10 Yards for Every Drive?

Did you ever consider that balls that you find in the rough or pond are hurting your drives and putts? Balls sitting in wet grass exposed to the sun on one side or in a pond for any length of time will decay. Those balls are not only stealing up to 10 yards out of […]

“Control” for a Consistent Golf Swing

You need Mental AND Physical CONTROL to be a good golfer. This Swing Tip uses key points from a recent blog published by Golf-Info-Guide by Thomas Golf to help develop control for a consistent swing. We are not robots so we find it hard to repeat the perfect swing. Knowing the right body positions for […]

Cyber Monday Starts NOW: 30% OFF

So many golfers love reading our Weekly GOLFSTR Swing Tips ! Now is your chance to buy YOUR GOLFSTR+ or buy GOLFSTR for a wonderful Christmas Gifts. Every order is sent with a full color printed User Guide. Enter your order before Nov 29 using your 30% Discount Coupon Code: Cyber Monday Click here for […]

“Control” for Consistent Putts

Putting can account for almost half of the strokes for every round of golf that you play. Last week our Swing Tip was about CONTROLLING your body for full swing shots. Putting is a whole new ballgame. You only have one chance to make every putt so both your Mental and Physical CONTROL are critical […]