Golf statistics with Arccos 360

First of all, I have to admit that I am a nut for golf gadgets. But above all for things that can help improve my game of golf. A friend of mine had bought the Arccos 360 and showed me his golf statistics after a few rounds. I knew straight away that this was what I needed. But above all, what I wanted to have.

golf statistics with Arccos 360I have tried – and bought – many things over the years to collect my golf statistics, but there was always something missing for me. I had to use several gadgets to get the complete picture. And after the round I had to enter all the details of my round on a website to get specific golf statistics and a break down of my handicap for different elements of the game.

Improve your game with golf statistics

Golf statistics with the Arccos 360The Arccos 360 gives you all the feedback and statistics you need. Obviously, the more rounds you play with it, the better and more reliable it becomes. Next to club distances, the app shows you a good break down of your handicap for different elements of the game: Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand and Putting. In your case, it may turn out that your driving and approach handicap is very good, but the other 3 not so good. In this case it doesn’t make sense to spend time on the driving range, but rather spend time on and around the practise green.

As well, by knowing your distances, you will play the shot more confidently. No more overestimating your capabilities. Trust your statistics.

Birdie guide

The app is also a great birdie guide and very precise. I tested the app on several courses (Efteling Golfpark, Prise d’Eau Golf and Golfpark De Haenen ao) and the distances mentioned on the tee box were most of the times accurate. At Efteling Golfpark, the distances to the centre of the green are also mentioned on the sprinkler heads in the fairway, which is very useful. Why is this not common practise everywhere? Anyway, that’s a whole different story. But I found the same results here: Distances mentioned in the app were in most cases the same as the one on the sprinkler head. And if there was a difference, it was never much. I still should have been able to hit the greens…. Be careful though, the birdie guide may help you more than is allowed in (your) national golf rules. Next to the exact distance, it tells you the ‘plays like’ distance. But you could then still use the Arccos 360 in an official match to collect your golf statistics during the round. Just leave your phone in your pocket. On silent mode…

Golf statistics with the Arccos 360

As with any device there are a few downsides. But they are ones that I can live with.

You have to keep your phone in your front pocket while you play. The app needs to locate where you are obviously. But I must say that it did not bother me as much as I thought it would. In fact, I don’t even realise it anymore when I play.

It does not always register all the shots. But most of the times this is just the odd tap-in putt it missed. After every round, you can edit the round where needed. This is very easy to do.

Running out of excuses

There used to be a time that I blamed just about everything, except myself, when I played a poor shot or had a bad day on the course. I am kind of running out of excuses now… Is it really me next time I hit a horrible shot?

Arccos 360

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