Make Your Unique Golf Swing Win for YOU!

Golf is a game of perfection but no 2 golfers use the same swing for every club in their bag. It’s fascinating to watch the PGA Professionals hit a ball. We instantly recognize if it’s Fred Couples, Jim Furyk or Ernie Els. Yes, I chose the extremes but Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth also have distinctive swings. What I’m trying to point out is that the swings may look different but their great shots all have the same impact to create amazing results.

Michael Breed from the Golf Channel had it right when he launched a new swing training program last year. His primary concept was about the only thing that matters in golf: You can make any interesting swing that your body may produce but your impact should be:

1/ on the center line of your club face.

2/ swinging from inside-to-out across your ball for a draw or outside-to-in for a fade.

3/ with your club face square to your target line or slightly closed for a draw or slightly open for a fade.

4/ at maximum club-head speed for maximum distance.

Bubba Watson figured this out without any coaching. He first determined what gave him the most distance (wrist lag and release) and then he applied the right grip (stronger or weaker) at setup to allow his club-face to close or open when it returned to his point of impact. For his drives he adds a launch angle and for his woods, hybrids and irons he powers down into his ball (grazing the turf after his impact).

Bubba swings with a high arc on his backswing and from the inside on the way down to match his original shaft line at impact. Once the ball leaves the face of your club, you have no further control. Your backswing and your finishing swing only help with your tempo and balance.

Your swing is unique. It’s up to you to include the power and direction to hammer your ball for the best result. Your body has limitations based on your physical condition and the injuries that you have sustained to this point in your life. Your success in golf depends on your ability to use your brain and you physical limitations to the best of your ability.

Golf is a game that you can play a million different ways but you will never be successful until you:

1/ generated club head speed by releasing your wrist lag at the bottom of your swing.

2/ control the direction of your hits using your swing direction and the square of your club face at impact.

3/ use a consistent tempo to allow your body to press forward into your impact with the ball before you skim the turf or take any turf.

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