Pace of Play: Make a Difference in YOUR Game!

Your swing and mental control during any round of golf can be set off by slow play by your playing partners and golfers on the course in front of you. In the GOLFSTR Swing Tips we try to share the best ways to improve your golf swing. Being calm is an important starting point. Having a focused and organized mind will improve your mental state of mind and set an example for your playing partners.

Keeping a Course Marshall informed about slow play in front of you is about the only thing you can do to keep others moving. Hitting into the foursome in front of you is not a good idea. It can only aggravate them as well as your playing partners. Consider the following suggestions to help you keep up with the next foursome & to keep your relaxed mind focused on your game.

At the First Tee:
a. Choose the Right Tees for your Game: Choose the tee that matches your ability to reach the green in 2 good shots on every par 4 hole.
b. Play Ready Golf: Agree at the start of your round that anyone who is ready should just take their shot while others may be searching for a ball. If you are in a money game or if someone birdied the last hole you should give them the honors and accolades that they deserve.

Preparing for your Tee-off:
a. Prepare: Get out of your golf cart and select your club while others are reaching the tee.
b. If you need your range finder to determine the right distance, choose 2 or 3 clubs from your bag before you walk over to the tee. Your score card will give you the distance and an alternate club will help if you guess wrong about the wind condition for your tee shot.

Be an example to others in your foursome. Get ready to hit and watch where each ball is hit.

When waiting for your golf cart partner to take their shot:
a. Start planning your next shot as you approach your ball.
b. If your shot is near your cart, select 1 or 2 clubs and walk over to your ball while your partner is hitting. Golf is only a form of exercise if you take opportunities to walk.
c. After your shot, if your partner is waiting for you in the cart, just hop in with your clubs in hand. You can put them away and select your next clubs at the next stop.
d. Pay attention to the location for every shot in your foursome. They need your help and you need theirs to speed up the search for balls in the rough. Starting in 2019 you only have 3 minutes to search but this is a good rule to start using today..

Avoid Losing Your Clubs: When you are walking with an extra club, always leave it in the direction where you will be walking after your shot or after putting out. Bad shots tend to make you forget about extra clubs. It really is helpful to stumble over them.

WARNING: Never step out of a moving golf cart, even at low speeds. It’s one of the worst causes of ankles injuries in golf. You can only blame yourself for this dumb injury.

CAUTION: When walking or riding stay behind the person hitting their next shot. It can annoy a golfer hitting a shot and you can never trust the direction of a golf ball. Believe me, I know. I took a duck hook an inch from my spine this summer. I was lucky to survive with only a bruise.

Avoid delays on the course so you have a little more time calming your mind when you prepare to swing. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to learn your straight arm and flat wrist shots to hit more fairways and speed up your game. Buy one today at



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