Tiger’s Yips Turned to Winning Chips

Yes, Tiger is back in fine style. Before Tiger’s last operation, he was still struggling with his chipping yips. He may be turning 42 but he sure is back in contention. It won’t be long before we see Tiger back to his winning ways. It’s good to see that in addition to finding his consistent, long drives he has taken control of his short irons too. If Tiger can turn his chipping game around, so can you.

This week I found 5 chipping tips and I am hoping that one of them will give you a break-through to improve your chipping. What works for one person may not work for others. Experiment with each of these and sort out the one the helps you best to get rid of your chipping yips or at least improves your chipping game.

Tiger is keeping his eye on the point of impact as his straight flat leading wrist sweeps through the ball. He may have been practicing with a GOLFSTR+

1/ PGA Professional Chris Case suggested the Flamingo Drill to improve your chipping game. Put 99% of your weight on your leading foot and hold your balance by lifting your trailing foot and touching the toe of your shoe on the ground behind you. If this improves your consistency, just start chipping by bending your leading knee more to shift your weight.

2/ Another PGA Professional suggests that we try chipping with the ball setup off the toe of your trailing foot. Tip the shaft of your club forward, toward your target, Keep your leading arm straight and your wrist flat and in-line with your club. Swing back and straight up your target line. This creates a real bump and run shot.

Tiger’s chipping follow-through is limited and straight up his target line.

3/ PGA Professional Rafael Floriani offers some advice to avoid nervous chipping. Make sure that the toe of your club passes the heel of your club as you finish your swing to get topspin on your golf ball to ensure that you ball can reach the hole. He finishes with the toe of the club pointing at his target.

4/ PGA Professional Thomas Troncoso, Head Professional at Chestnut Ridge CC, talks about what you should be seeing and hearing when hitting chips around the green. He suggests keeping your pressure forward and the ball back in your stance. In your practice swing, see the swing and hear your club sweeping through the grass. Just repeat the same motion when you hit the ball.

5/ Brian Whitcomb, Director of Golf at Lost Tracks Golf Club in Bend, Oregon explains the importance of chipping the ball one-third of the way in the air and then letting the ball roll the rest of the way to the hole. He likes the control that you get with consistent contact using the loft of an 8 iron to chip in the air so that it will run out to the hole.

These 5 chipping tips may all add to your future chipping success but I strongly recommend that you use your GOLFSTR+ to practice with a flat leading wrist and a lagging trailing wrist for consistent contact to eliminate the flipping wrist action. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com

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